WA2U – Value Investing Masterclass + Company Analysis Report Package (EN)


📌Masterclass Content
✅ Technical Class
✅ Fundamental Analysis
✅ 8 Rules & 8 Strategies
✅ STOCKPICK2U Analysis Report
✅ Masterclass One Year Group Support

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📌Masterclass Content
✅ Technical Class
-How to find a good entry signal?
-Secrets of trading at the Best Price
-Where is the market heading to?
​-Minimizing loss & maximizing profit thru Secret TA Method.

✅ Fundamental Analysis
-8 Rules of sector & company selections.
-Discover company current & future value
-Portfolio management
​-Discover company health via In-Depth analysis of company financial position

✅ 8 Rules & 8 Strategies
-8 Strategy for Buying & Selling Efficiently
1. Chase High
2. Cut Loss
3. Trailing Cut Profit
4. Top-up
5. IPO
6. Margin
7. CFD
​-Market Cycle & Psychology

✅ STOCKPICK2U Analysis Report
-Professional team attends the AGM of the popular company’s annual shareholder meeting and collects first-hand news/ special news
-Analysis of quarterly/annual reports of major listed companies
-Analyze the hottest stocks/trend stocks/short, medium and long term
-The team will ask questions about the importance at the annual shareholders meeting, visit the company to visit the management or email
-Share the latest news on current affairs, share oil price, oil palm price, steel price, glove material, etc.
-Member can access www.stockpick2u.com to view previous report.

✅ Masterclass One Year Group Support
-Ask class topic related questions in group for a year