WA2U Platinum Membership (EN)


Platinum Advanced Class

  • Comes with WEALTHARCHITECT2U stock investment courses(online)-if the seminar is offline, additional venue fees will be required
  • Observe the timing and deployment of the WEALTHARCHITECT2U team’s portfolio purchase and sale
  • Free real estate investment course (leveraged funds + tax-free investment strategy)
  • STOCKPICK2U quarterly analysis report of major companies / AGM shareholders meeting report (select up to 50-60 companies in a year)
  • Professional technical chart software, with the team chart strategy deployment (automatic analysis)
  • STOCKPICK2U Team Platinum Advanced Course (online)- If the seminar is offline, additional venue fees will be required
  • The exclusive group of WEALTHARCHITECT2U team explains stock investment trends in real time (Platinum private FB group)
  • For details, please contact customer service: +60178822 680 / +60176622 680

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Beginner-Intermediate Investor
Basically, our group principles are based on Value Investing which invest in valuable stocks with good fundamental. We do not invest in short-term stocks based on news or rumors every day. Our ultimate goal is for our students to embark on the investing journey with us and learn from the actual deployment of strategies in the ever-changing scenario which fluctuates based on the micro & macro economy situation at that particular time. Investing in stocks requires knowing how to react at different times, and this requires a team of experienced coaches to guide you through the entire investment journey. You will be able to be associated with all knowledge taught in courses with the experience that you go thru with us in the stock market one year from now, as long as you work hard to observe our team’s portfolio and direction. For beginners and intermediate investors, it is necessary to have a team to lead while learning from each other in this one year. Let us guide you hand-in-hand in your stock investment journey.

Advanced Investor
As an experienced investor, you probably already know how in stock investment but possibility lack of time to do in-depth research on the economy. Hence, in our group, we will have a team to guide you along and you are also able to discuss investment strategy with a group of like-minded peers. You will also be provided with deeper insights especially on our Platinum Advanced Investment Course and our team’s portfolio.

Upon enrolling in Platinum membership, our team will be actively sharing our investment direction, our own portfolio & the strategy involved. We will be providing in-house technical software where strategy and chart analysis from this software will be based on stock review by our coaches.