Terms & Conditions

✅ Each Platinum member must pay an additional cost on hotel meeting room package (approx. RM 800.00 to RM 1,000++) for coming Platinum class participation, if there is any offline classes conducted and if you choose to attend it. Accommodation is not included, and food will be provided during the training. (ONLY applicable to those who attend offline, for those that opt online classes, no extra fees incurred.)

✅ You must pay the cost 1 month ahead before the mentioned date of the Platinum class, as we will need time to book the hotel meeting room.

✅ Our exclusive online analysis platform has a membership period of one year. The membership period of the online platform will begin after we issue you an username & password.

✅ You are not allowed to change your phone number in the group chat during your membership period.

✅ You are not allowed to transfer your membership to another person.

✅ We are mainly focusing on the value investment method, and do not speculate on stocks every day.

✅ All the information and sharing provided is mainly for coaching purposes. You are responsible for your own buying and selling decision.

✅ It is forbidden to give the coach a private call, message or coach’s contact number to any third party.

✅ All the information shared is only for platinum member group. You are not allowed to share it with any third party.

✅ The company reserves the right to cancel your membership at any time, if the member is found to share any Platinum information to any non-members through message or any form of communication or you have violated any terms and conditions at above

✅ The company reserves the right to cancel your membership at any time, if the member is found to use any offensive words, including religion, politics, gender or sexual harassment towards other members or coaches.

✅ The company reserves the absolute right at any time to terminate the group and/or remove any member without any notification to protect the interest of the MEMBERs within.

✅ Transfer of package (English to Mandarin) will be charged with RM 3,000 administrative fee, on top of the package amount that’s being transferred to.

Refund Policy

✅ Membership subscriptions may be refunded within 14 days after payment is made. 

✅ No refund under any circumstances after 14 days of payment is made.